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The major components of the British Columbia berry industry had combined sales of $185 million in 2014, the latest year for which firm statistics are available. That compares with $105 million for tree fruits and $47 million for grapes.


The B.C. blueberry industry is growing rapidly, with close to 28,000 acres of farmland devoted to it. With production of some 65,000 tonnes, B.C. is now the second largest producer of highbush blueberries in the world.

The B.C. cranberry industry produces more than 43,000 tonnes of fruit annually. This constitutes approximately 12 percent of North American production and the province is currently the largest producer of cranberries in Canada.

B.C. is the largest raspberry producer in Canada, more than 10,000 tonnes annually on just 5,000 acres of farmland. Only three percent of raspberries are sold fresh—the rest are processed into jams, jellies, drinks, canned and frozen retail and wholesale packs and bakery product.

B.C. accounts for about one-quarter of the Canadian production of strawberries. This amounts to more than 1,400 tonnes of fruit. However, Canada consumes far more strawberries than it produces. The bulk of fresh imports come from California and Florida with processed imports originating from California, Poland and Mexico.


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